A Life in Comedy

Started as a professional prankster (Candid Camera actor, writer & producer) and Improv Comedy Actor, landed as observational Stand Up Comedian.


Improv Comedy Actor

Always active as comedy actor, in 2007 started the production of viral videos and funny Candid Cameras. In 2010 joined Teatribù, one of the top italian theatre companies for Improv Comedy.


Stand Up Comedy Italia

After winning First Place at the Toastmasters’ Humorous Speech Contest in 2014, decided to fully dedicate to Stand Up Comedy, resulting in the foundation of Stand Up Comedy Italia to promote Stand-Up nationwide.


Comedy Central Italia

In 2016 lands in Television, as new promise of the Italian Stand Up Comedy scene, for the “Natural Born Comedians” TV Show aired on Comedy Central Italia (channel 124 of Sky TV).



Nicola Selenu has a truly international and diverse background. With a mostly Italian and Spanish culture-mix, he has lived and worked in many European countries, speaks four languages, and holds a Master Degree in Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology.

The youngest of three children born to a musician father and teacher mother, Nicola grew up in the Barbagia area, the heart of Sardinia, till the age of 18. He spent the rest of his life moving around the world, stopping for a while in Canary Islands, Ireland, Sweden and the beautiful Tuscany. Currently lives in Milan.

Former ASCII-Artist during the early 90s, proudly contributed to the growth of the new born World Wide Web.

Spent many years in small productions as comic actor, while scripting and producing Candid Cameras himself, before moving to Milan to join Improv School in 2010.

Started doing Stand-up Comedy in 2012, then joined Toastmasters International to improve his public speaking skills. In 2014, won the 1st prize at the Humorous Speech Contest.

Founded Stand Up Comedy Italia right after, Nicola Selenu hosted more than 100 Stand-Up Comedy Show since 2015.

Nicola Selenu is also member of:

  • Mensa International, Mensa Italia (High IQ Societies)
  • Teatribù, ImproTeatro, Stand Up Comedy Italia (Theater Companies)
  • Toastmasters International (Public Speaking Organization)